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    Extremity Mobilization Strap™ Set

    Set includes three straps essential to joint mobilization: Extremity Mobilization Strap™, Patient Stabilizer Strap™ and the Joint Distraction Cuff™.
    Product #: 2605OPTP

    The Extremity Mobilization Strap Set offers all the essential tools for comfortable, controlled, localized mobilization of the large extremity joints. They allow the clinician to use his or her own leverage for mobilization while freeing up the hands for treatment application.

    Set includes one of each:

    The Extremity Mobilization Strap
    Features one-hand length adjustment and push button release. The durable, nylon-woven strap features a removable nylon-covered foam pad, which also makes it suitable for comfortable pelvic stabilization of the patient. Strap measures 8' in length. Nylon pad is removable and hand washable.

    Patient Stabilizer Strap
    Strong, nylon-woven strap adjusts for length with one hand and features push button release buckle. The banana-shaped stabilization pad consists of a heavy, flat bar padded with foam and covered with nylon for supreme comfort and durability. The sturdy J-hook firmly attaches the strap to most treatment tables. Measures 8' in length.

    The Joint Distraction Cuff
    Assists manual therapy mobilization techniques by applying traction. The cuff is constructed of padded nylon with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure and an adjustable foot stirrup. Ideal for knee mobilization.