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    Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw-Length: 28", 10/pack

    Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw is designed for people with disabilities. These straws are washable, reusable and can be cut with standard scissors to the desired length. The extra-long flexible drinking straws bend at three points for ease of use in just about any position.
    Product #: 210133241RS

    Benefits of Extra Long Drinking Aid Straw

    • Ideal for hands-free drinking
    • Polypropylene and BPA free
    • 3 flexible sections for ideal positioning
    • 28 inches long
    • Hygienic and washable

    Note: Glass shown with the image is not included

    • Bendable at three points, and can also be cut with scissors easily to gain the desired length
    • A flexible section at each end and in the center will allow the user to bend the straw to the best position for drinking
    • Extra-long flexible drinking straws will easily reach the individual's mouth from long distances
    • Provides flexibility and stability for hands-free drinking
    • This eliminates the need to lift a drink from a wheelchair or tray cupholder, or worse, stoop over to the level of the cup
    • Extra length is ideal for wheelchair cup holders, tables at restaurants or even at home
    • People with arthritis will find these reusable extra long drinking straws helpful for accessing beverages easily
    • Great for standard tables and restaurants
    • The perfect addition to our Freedom Cupholders andFreedom Wheelchair Cupholders
    • It has three flexible sections, allowing the individual to bend the straw to the perfect angle
    • Available in a package of 10 straws
    • Washable and Reusable
    • These straws are 28 inches long
    • Color: White
    • Inside Diameter: 0.35 inches
    • Material: Polypropylene, BPA free