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    Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint

    Exoform® Dorsal Night Splint is an adjustable night splint designed to provide pain relief for plantar fasciitis.

    Key Features

    • ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM STAY - The inside dorsal shell allows modification and adjustments in the angle of dorsiflexion.
    • SOFT, OVER-MOLDED EDGES - Designed with soft, flexible fabric for comfort and easy wear.
    • HINGED SHELL - Durable, yet flexible hinged shell at the calf area prevents brace rotation for added protection.
    • SEMI-RIGID PLANTAR PAD - Firm padding at the base of the foot reduces discomfort along the sides of the foot while providing an improved angle of dorsiflexion.
    • NON-SLIP SURFACE - The brace is designed with a non-slip surface so it will help prevent slips and falls during normal walking.

    Product Description

    Adjustable night splint that provides pain relief for Plantar Faciitis

    General Information


    • Ankle


    • - Plantar fasciitis
    • - Post-static pain
    • - General heel pain
    • - Drop foot
    • - Achilles tendonitis
    • - Lower extremity overuse injuries

    USAGE Device Application

    The device should be applied while seated. An athletic sock may be worn on foot for additional comfort. 1. Loosen the calf strapping (A) without pulling through D-rings and unfasten the heel strapping (B) to provide enough room to pass the foot into and through the soft good (fig. 1.). 2. Ensure that the device is “right side up” – the anti-slip sole (F) should be positioned on the bottom, under the forefoot. Slide the foot into the device until the toes reach the end of the soft good as indicated by the toe strap (C). The toes should not extend past the toe strap (fig. 2.). 3. Secure the device to the foot by first adjusting the foot strapping (D) as necessary being careful to maintain a gentle and comfortable stretch of the foot (fig. 3.). Do not over-tighten the foot strapping. 4. Position the shell (E) against the shin and apply the calf strapping to secure the device in a comfortable manner (fig. 4.). 5. Fasten the heel strapping being sure to center the heel of the foot into the heel strapping opening as illustrated (fig. 5.). Do not overtighten the heel strapping. Device removal Loosen the calf strapping without pulling through D-rings and unfasten the heel strapping to provide enough room to remove the device from the foot.

    Device Adjustments

    The device has been pre-shaped to provide the optimal degree of stretch to the foot. In situations where a more customized level of stretch of the foot is required, the device shell can be modified by hand to either increase or decrease the angle and degree of flexion of the foot. When modifying the angle of the shell to increase or decrease the stretch of the foot, the device should be held and bent in such a way as to create a bending point at the mid section of the shell in the area of the heel strapping. The shell is not intended to be repeatedly bent and modified as this will adversely affect product integrity. Note: The shell angle should be adjusted and modified only in special circumstances and only by a healthcare professional. Repeated modification of the shell angle will compromise the shell integrity.

    Cleaning and care

    • Hand-wash using mild detergent and rinse thoroughly.

    • Air dry Note: Do not tumble dry, iron, bleach, or wash with fabric softener. Note: Avoid contact with salt water or chlorinated water.

    In case of contact, rinse with fresh water and air dry.