The ExoAnklet provides the user with the perfect amount of support and 18-26 mmHg compression. Made for the management of mild to moderate lymphedema or non-blood related Edema. This anklet provides optimal comfort by having softer material around the toes and heel so your feet do not feel cramped when wearing the compression anklet. Also, it is made without any natural latex so people who have sensitivities to latex do not need to worry about having a reaction.
Manufacturer: Solaris MED
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Nearly Unnoticeable

The ExoAnklet Compression Anklet has a sleek design that maintains comfortable compression while still looking like normal black socks. With little to no bulkiness this anklet allows you to wear your usual day to day shoes while getting the compression you need. The material is thin enough to be worn with other compression garments if extra pressure therapy is needed.

Easy Maintenance

This compression anklet is made with nylon and spandex, so cleaning it is as easy as throwing it into the washer and letting it air dry. Do not iron, dry clean, use fabric softener, or use bleach to clean.


  • Ideal for providing therapeutic compression on the foot and ankle for management of lymphedema and edema
  • Easily fits into everyday footwear due to its low profile design
  • Can be used on its own or with other compression aids
  • Colored and designed to look like normal socks
  • Nylon and spandex materials provide 18-26 mmHg compression and make this anklet machine washable