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    Etac® Clean Shower/Commode Chair- Soft Seat Pad – 1/4" thick Grey**OVERSIZED**

    Heat-reflecting with a non-slip surface. Recess width: 17 cm (6¾"). Material: polyethylene. Cleaning max max. 60° C (140 ºF) or with alcohol wipe
    Product #: 2557772SS
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    Commode Soft Back Pad 1/4" Thick - Grey**OVERSIZED**

    Commode Soft BAck Pack 1/4" Thick - Grey Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chair Optional closed-cell foam Soft Back and Soft Seat provide additional comfort and support.

    Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chair with four Lockable 5" Casters **OVERSIZE**

    Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle. The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair. The upright handle ensures that Clean is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets, and the chair is open at the back to facilitate access.

    Etac Clean Safety Strap / Hip Belt (sold separately)

    The Etac Clean - Safety Strap attaches easily to the rear side of the back support to any of the chairs in Etac Clean range and prevents the user from toppling out when moving around. Adjustable in length and attaches to the back support. Always use together with hip positioning belt. Can not be used in combination with soft back support, item no 80209225. EACH SOLD SEPARATELY!

    Etac® Clean Shower/Commode Chair- Soft Back Pad – 1/4" thick GREEN**OVERSIZED**

    For adults or children who require long-term use of a shower and/or commode chair. This versatile chair provides years of rust-proof use. Frame is designed with no welds. Powder-coated for durability with plastic wheels and screws to further protect from rust. 5" lockable swivel casters make this chair easy to use.