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WAFFLE Bariatric Mattress Overlay With M.A.D. Pump

The EHOB™ WAFFLE Overlay is more than a support surface, assisting in lateral transfers, boosts and turns to protect patients throughout the hospital journey. Through immersion and envelopment, the WAFFLE Overlay is designed to offload the patient and relieve pressure at bony prominences while the unique venting holes allow for air circulation to keep patients cool, dry and comfortable.

Expansion Control Plus Overlay : 76 x 34 x 3.5 CASE 6 (no pump)

Cost Effective - Delivers pressure relief and treatment Technologically Sound - Patented design eliminates patient "bottoming out" and ensures air always surrounds patients body. Used in hospitals around the world for bed sores Static Air Technology - prevents and heals pressure ulcers Air Passage Holes - Allow for circulation and heat and moisture dissipation Easy to Use - Easily inflates with non-electrical M.A.D.™ Pump Safe and Secure - The low profile mattress design provides patient safety Versatile - Hand Wells allow for easy log rolling and transferring patients up to 600lbs

FootHold™ with splint

FootHold™ with splint