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    Drop-Seat Ischial Step Wedge for Deep Wheelchairs

    The Anti-Hammocking Ischial-Step Wedge is designed to inhibit sliding as an anti-thrust measure by utilizing your resident’s “natural curvature.” The Ischial Step utilizes this natural curvature to give an anchored support to the posterior tilt. In order to properly utilize this anchor, the step should be located at the resident’s gluteal fold. Please refer to the diagram for proper measuring instructions. Because the poste-rior tilt increases the pressure on the Ischials, the back half of all JDM’s Ischial Steps have one-inch layer or more of Visco. The anti-hammocking bot-tom allows residents to sit lower in the wheelchair than they would in a solid-insert type of cushion. All Anti-Hammocking Ischial-Step Cushions come with an Anti-Skid bottom and Velcro straps to prevent the cushion from sliding in the wheelchair.