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    DR-HO Neck Therapy Pro TENS System

    DR-HO'S Neck Therapy Pro TENS System uses TENS technology combined with EMS and proprietary auto-modulating pain relief wave technology to relieve headaches, migraines, neck pain and shoulder pain. It takes just 20 minutes or less to cure muscle tension and pain.
    Product #: 21700URS

    Why choose DR-HO'S Neck Pain Therapy?

    • Drug-free pain relief
    • 3 different massage modes
    • High-tech fabric electrodes
    • Ideal for full body treatment
    • Auto-off timer

    What does Neck Therapy Pro TENS Machine include?

    • DR-HO'S Pain Therapy Device
    • Neck Therapy Pro with Built-in Electrodes
    • Two (2) Large Body Pads
    • Two (2) Regular Body Pads
    • Hoodie Bag
    • Travel Case
    • Pad Placement Chart
    • Spray Bottle
    • Owner's Manual

    Why choose DR-HO'S Neck Pain Therapy?

    • High-Tech Fabric Electrodes - Traditional TENS/EMS therapy uses disposable, self-adhesive electrodes that don't stick as well on the curved shape of the neck. That's why the Neck Pain Therapy uses electrodes that are made with highly conductive medical fabric to provide more comfortable stimulation for the neck and shoulders for more effective pain relief.
    • On-Demand Relief - Unlike traditional neck massagers, the Neck Pain Therapy is powered by TENS technology resulting in more effective pain relief. The Neck Pain Therapy is battery powered, safe, and portable. It will provide pain relief conveniently whenever the user need it; whether relaxing at home, during a break at desk or when traveling.
    • 3 Different Massage Modes - 3 different massage modes mean that the user have many different treatment options while using the Neck Pain Therapy. Each mode is designed with different waves and frequencies in order to provide professional-grade pain relief.
    • Design that Contours to Neck - The inner memory foam core of the Neck Pain Therapy contours to neck and shoulders to provide amazing comfort and support. It also has arm rests to take the load off upper shoulder muscles so they can relax and provide a hands-free operation for maximum relief whether the user is sitting up or lying down.
    • Auto-Off Timer - Before bed, simply set the timer, relax and allow the system to work while the user slowly find comfort and fall asleep. When the timer expires, the machine will shut off on its own.
    • Auto-Modulating Pain Relieving Waves - Numerous patterns of intermittent waves keep body guessing and prevents treatment adaptation, resulting in the best results for the user. Many TENS devices have a single mode that body can potentially adapt to, reducing overall results potential.
    • Adaptable for Full Body Treatment - The Neck Pain Therapy comes complete with gel pad attachments that can be used at home or on-the-go. This turns Neck Pain Therapy into a full body pain relief solution when the user need it, helping to treat over 20 different bodies.

    When to use DR-HO'S Neck Pain Pro TENS Device?

    The Neck Pain Therapy is a drug-free solution that can be used to temporarily relieve pain associated with headaches, neck and shoulder pain. It also helps to promote good posture which helps reduce strain on neck muscles and lowers the pressure on vertebral joints and discs. The Neck Pain Therapy also eases irritation on spinal nerves responsible for tension headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Below are some of the ailments that DR-HO'S Neck Therapy Pro is often used for:

    • Neck & shoulder tension
    • Foot, ankle, knee, and hip pain
    • Headaches
    • Joint-related pain
    • Back pain
    • Sports-related injuries
    • Repetitive strain injuries (R.S.I.)
    • Nerve-related conditions
    • General aches and pain

    Conditions Treatable with Neck Therapy Pro

    How does Neck Therapy Pro TENS Machine work?

    • Relieves Pain - The Neck Pain Therapy includes not only the benefits of TENS technology, but also Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and our proprietary Auto-Modulating pain relieving waves. It’s programmed to automatically change the stimulation at random to prevent the body from adapting. These 4 high tech electrodes are positioned precisely to deliver TENS and EMS stimulation to the 4 matching trigger points on neck and shoulder areas.
    • Increases Tissue Oxygenation - Regular use of the Neck Pain Therapy can help increase tissue oxygenation starting at neck and shoulders, which is required for proper functioning of the organs, brain, and heart. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) is a method used for medical and physiological diagnostics, and is capable of measuring blood flow and the rate of oxygen consumption in the body. This non-invasive method showed that individuals who use DR-HO'S Pain Therapy devices showed a significant increase in tissue oxygenation.
    • Reduces Strain and Improves Posture - The electrotherapy stimulation that is provided from a DR-HO’S Pain Therapy TENS and EMS device is clinically proven to reduce muscle tension, improve circulation and significantly relieve pain. The Neck Pain Therapy will also help promote good posture, which will reduce strain on neck muscles and lower the pressure on vertebral joints and discs.
    • Increases Circulation - The muscle oxygenation signals received while patients have used DR-HOS' TENS devices indicate that their ability to increase tissue oxygenation also results in an increase of circulation. Using DR-HO’S Neck Pain Therapy can encourage blood to circulate from neck and shoulders, and therefore transport nutrients, oxygen blood cells, and other nourishment that helps fight diseases and maintain a healthy body.

    How to use DR-HO'S Neck Therapy Pro TENS?

    1. Expose skin at the back of the neck and upper shoulders. Be sure to loosen shirt and fold the collar down, and remove metal necklaces around neck.
    2. Spray 3 to 5 sprays of water onto the fabric electrodes before starting treatment. All four electrodes must be moistened to work.
    3. Position the Neck Therapy Pro around neck. Make sure the four fabric electrodes make firm contact with bare skin on neck and shoulders.
    4. Place arms through the two arm rests, and pull down slightly to ensure the electrodes are pressed firmly against bare skin on neck and shoulders.
    5. Slowly turn the Intensity Dial clockwise until it clicks "on". Slowly adjust the dial to increase intensity to the desired comfort level.
    6. To change the type of stimulation, press the "Mode" button to select the desired mode.
    7. Press the "Time" button to select 10, 20, or 40 minutes of treatment time. The device will shut off automatically once the timer has run its course.
    8. To continue treatment, use the Intensity Dial to turn the device "off" first, and then turn it back "on". Before continuing treatment, always spray the fabric electrodes with water first to ensure good conduction.