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    Dish Pessary #6 80mm with Support

    Dish Pessaries are designed to provide bladder neck support to relieve stress incontinence and minor degrees of prolapse. A Dish Pessary manufactured by SRS Medical under the brand name of , is made of flexible silicone and is hypoallergenic. The Dish Pessary is sometimes referred to as the Incontinence Dish Pessary. Available in eight sizes ranging from 50mm to 85mm, Dish Pessaries provide support for cystocele and prolapse in addition to stress incontinence. Sexual intercourse is not prevented by use of the Dish Pessary.
    Product #: 2669635VM

    Dish Pessary Features & Benefits

    • EvaCare Dish Pessaries can be disinfected - Pessary Disinfectant Procedures
    • Highly flexible soft silicone.
    • Treats vaginal prolapse and stress incontinence.
    • Pessary Fitting Set available for determining the proper pessary size.

    Dish Pessary Specifications

    • 100% Silicone Pessary
    • Uterine Prolapse Pessary

    Dish Pessary Notes

    • Dish Pessaries may stay in place for sexual intercourse.
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