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    Digital In-Bed Scales

    Product #: 2MPH07SBED1ML
    • Electronic Bed Scale allows bed-ridden patients to be weighed simply and carefully and is an indispensable constituent of dialysis and intensive care.
    • Integrated lifts allow four measuring platforms to be placed simply and effortlessly under the casters of the bed.
    • The previously determined weight of the bed is tared using the pre-TARE function and the patient's precise weight accurately determined.
    • The bed scale remains alert even in the event of a power failure, storing all the previously determined values using rechargeable batteries.
    • Features: Capacity: 1100 lbs/500 kg; Graduations: 0.2 lb/100 gm; Hold function; Pre-Tare function; Tare range: 550 lbs/250 kg; Maximum patient weight: 440 lbs/250 kg; Power supply: A/C UL adapter; Equipment trolley.
    • Weight Capacity- 1100 lbs.