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    Deluxe Foot Brush

    Product #: 23699856A
    • EXTRA LONG REACH BRUSH: Long reach Spa Brush with contoured design and 28” overall length allows washing and invigorating your entire body right down to your toes without leaning or bending – providing you with a spa-like experience.
    • EXFOLIATE, REVITALIZE SKIN: Bring a refreshing glow to your body with every bath or shower! While gently exfoliating, it also promotes circulation to furnish you with clean, healthy skin. The soft yet durable bristles are gentle against your skin, while the handle provides a comfortable grip so you can easily cleanse and exfoliate your skin.
    • STIFF UPPER & SOFTER LOWER BRISTLES: Stiff upper bristles on the end of the Spa Brush remove dead skin, helping to revitalize and soften the rough areas, while the soft lower bristles are soothing to the touch, gently cleansing your body in those hard-to-reach places.
    • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Brush is expertly crafted with vinyl coated center wire that resists rust for longer life and a durable, sturdy 15-inch plastic handle. Use wet or dry. Synthetic bristles shake dry and won’t retain moisture for longer lasting bristle life. Extra sturdy handle with handy hang-up hole for quick and sanitary air drying. Head measures 13” L x 3-1/2” W. 28” overall length. Made in USA.