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    Deluxe Built-Up Handle Fork, 8"L

    Make mealtimes more enjoyable with Deluxe Built-Up Foam Utensils! Durable stainless steel silverware are covered in closed-cell foam and are shaped to contour around the gripping posture of the hand. The built-up handles are approximately 1 ¼ inches in diameter and removable for dishwasher safe cleaning.
    Product #: 2102001FEI
    • Cushioned with soft closed-cell foam, the built-up handles help improve mealtime independence by making it easier to securely grasp and manipulate utensils
    • Constructed of BPA, phthalates, and latex-free materials, holding the adaptive utensils help reduce the stress on the joints
    • Ideal for elderly and disabled individuals with limited hand function due to tremors, arthritis, parkinsons, and many other ailments
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