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    Custom JDM Cushion

    In order to customize a cushion’s height, width, depth, materials, covers and weight capacity (bariatrics) from our stock items, please copy ordering form and complete required measurements and concerns. Please give us any additional information, concerns or details to ensure we are meeting all customization needs of the Veteran. We will contact you if we need additional information. Fax completed quote form to 1-888-505-1987 or email

    Because we are building a Veteran specific cushion, we do not know the price until it is quoted. The quote will be returned to you with a product item number, a reference code and product price. The reference code is what tells us which custom cushion is specific to your Veteran, so please remember it on your consult!

    Custom Instructions
    1. Send required information to Pisces
    2. Get Quote with Reference code/number
    3. Consult Information: LMH Hawthorne Healthcare/ Pisces Healthcare Solutions

    Item number: ###### Veteran Reference Code: ##### Item Description: ABCD Item Price: $$$

    Emailed quote can be submitted with consult too!