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    Cryo Pneumatic Knee Splint

    Uniquely designed to combine the benefits of pneumatic compression and cold therapy. This anatomical wrap is ideal for post-surgical application or as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program to help reduce edema and decrease pain. It features an easy to use detachable pump and contoured reusable gel pack. Available in a universal size that fits either left or right.
    • Anatomical knee wrap designed to combine the benefits of pneumatic compression with cold therapy; features pump bulb that detaches once desired compression is achieved
    • Indicated for post-op application and as part of a physical therapy or athletic training program; helps diminish swelling/edema, decrease pain and reduce muscle spasms
    • Manufactured from plush foam laminate with contact closure straps, removable gel pack with tricot lining and non-toxic gel; additional universal extension straps available

    Care & Clean:

    Wipe fabric with damp cloth, you may use disinfectant or mild soap, and wipe dry.

    For products with a removable gel pack, you may hand wash liner in warm water with mild soap, air dry, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

    CRYO PNEUMATIC KNEE SPLINT 1. Remove optional gel pack and place in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours (see warnings below). 2. Remove gel from freezer, re-attach gel pack inside knee splint, making sure seams line up over knee cap (patella) opening. PICTURE 1 A 3. Grasp knee splint and locate top (note: valve located at top) and place opening over affected knee cap (patella). PICTURE 1 4. Secure 2 compression straps to desired fit. PICTURE 2 5. Attach tube with bulb to valve. 6. To inflate, switch to “ON” position, pump bulb to desired compression, making sure not to over inflate. To deflate, press button at base of bulb. 7. When desired compression is attained, switch to “OFF” position and remove tube with bulb from valve connection. Note: splint may also be deflated by removing tube while in “ON” position

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