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    Drive M3 Crutch Cane Holder

    **NATIONAL CONTRACT 36C10G23D0020**
    Product #: GVSTDS1034
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    Thermophore Classic Heating Pad ** FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004**

    Thermophore Classic Heating Pad ** FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004**

    Vasyli® Dananberg 1st Ray Orthotics

    Vasyli® Dananberg Orthotic Treating 1st Ray Function just got easier... Howard Dananberg and Philip Vasyli have combined their expertise to bring you the worlds first professional orthotic device with removable first ray sections. The 2 removable first ray plugs allows you to customize the orthotic to assist in maxmizing first ray function.

    Vasyli Armstrong II Orthotic

    Whether you are dealing with an insensate foot, a hyper-sensitive foot type, or a diabetic foot, reducing pressure and shear forces should be playing a significant roll in your patients’ orthotic treatment regime. Developed with podiatrist David Armstrong, renowned as a world leader in diabetic foot care--

    Gel-U-Seat Skin Protection 3" Gel/Foam Wheelchair Cushion

    The Gel-U-Seat™ skin protection cushion has a high density foam shell surrounding a uniquely designed gel bladder

    DALC Compression Stocking Closed Toe Knee High 20-30 mmHG

    To receive National Contract Bulk Pricing must order 6 pairs or more of the same style and size.