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    Conveen Optima External Catheter

    25mm Length Silicone self-adhering one piece catheter Unique recyclable smart pack fits into your pocket Easy-on application with double grip strip Anti-leak system ensures maximum security Latex-free
    Product #: 222025VM

    Coloplast Conveen Optima External Male Catheter, manufactured by Coloplast is a self adhering silicone catheter. This external catheter features a simple, trouble free adhesive that provides an easy-on application and a double-grip strip. The double grip strip along with the sure-grip ribs help to ensure a secure and dependable fit.

    This product features a triple-action anti-leak system and anti-kink bulb. These features help to prevent urine back flow and leakage. Coveen Optima Catheter, available for SALE at Vitality Medical is a soft, comfortable and breathable external catheter that can be an excellent alternative to more invasive intermittent catheters. This product is transparent to allow easy monitoring of the skin and features balanced adhesives which provide secure reliability and skin friendliness.

    Male patients suffering from urinary incontinence can choose from a variety of options to treat this common condition. Treatments can include incontinence briefs, pads, clamps or catheters. The Conveen Optima Catheter is a great external catheter solution and can be used in combination with a leg bag providing a complete urinary incontinence system. Additional extension tubing can be purchased to allow a more convenient and efficient setup. The featured push ring on this system ensures a secure connection to the tubing and valve of the collection leg bag. BUY the Coveen Optima Catheter from Vitality Medical today.

    Tips for Using Your Conveen Optima Catheter

    • You can quickly and easily wash your catheter using warm soap and water.
    • Heat activates adhesive; hold in your hand to initiate the activation process.
    • Pay attention to fit; how the catheter fits is significant and will make the difference between a pleasant user experience and an unpleasant one.
    • Make sure skin is clean, dry and free from oils and moisturizers.

    TOP Features:

    • ✓ Discreet packaging
    • ✓ Triple anti-leak system prevents urine leakage
    • ✓ Anti-kink bulb prevents backflow
    • ✓ Double grip strip for secure fit
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