Comfy Splints

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Comfy™ Air Hand Roll Orthosis w/o Finger Separators

Inflatable roll can easily slide through contracted hands by pulling attached string. Inflate bladder to desired size to promote extension. The Air Hand Roll Orthosis reduces finger flexion contractures, plantar maceration and positions thumb in opposition.

TheraGrip Hand Splint System

Supports wrist in a neutral position to treat wrist, hand and finger contractures. Splint can be modified with a heat gun. Convenient hook-and-loop closures and two sizes of interchangeable hand rolls make it easy to fit your client.

Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis

The Comfy Hand/Thumb Orthosis includes all the standard features of the Wrist/Hand/Finger Orthosis plus the added feature of thumb support. This splint positioins the thumb into the abduction without stretching the thenar eminence as do the traditional "C" Bar opposition hand splints.

Comfy Knee Orthosis, Adult, with 1 Cover

The Comfy™ Knee Orthosis is easy to use, Bend-to-Fit orthosis that provides excellent support for flaccid or weak extremities and helps immobilize painful extremities. The patented malleable splint spine can bend to the desired ROM and the cuffs can be adjusted for optimal fit. Provides for gradual extension of the non-fixed knee contracture Choose either traditional Terrycloth or Headliner material for our removable, machine washable covers Soft straps accommodate sensitive skin, edema and fragile skin. Fully and easily adjustable at all joints to make a custom fit without the use of tools or heat guns. Ambidextrous

Comfy Goniometer Elbow Orthosis, Adult

The Comfy™ Goniometer Elbow Orthosis is easy-to-use and a therapist favorite! Simply set dial to desired degree of flexion or extension using the provided Allen wrench.


The Comfy™ Locking Elbow Orthosis is easy-to-use and a therapist favorite! Simply set locking mechanism by pulling out ring and lock into desired position.

Comfy™ Hand/Wrist/Finger Orthosis

Our popular Comfy™ Hand Orthosis provides support and positioning for the weak or deformed Wrist, Hand or Fingers. This is the ideal positioning splint or use for gradual extension of non-fixed wrist/ hand. Ambidextrous.

Comfy™ Pull Ring Knee Orthosis

The Comfy Pull Ring Locking Knee is geared to increase and maintain knee extension following CVA, surgery, injury or neurological problems.

Adult Comfy® Spring-Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis

The Adult Comfy Spring-Loaded Goniometer Knee Orthosis is designed to position, protect and immobilize the user’s knee for proper treatment and healing. This product gently pushes the extremity to the adjusted degree of extension, and the spring can be set for gradual extension of the leg, or fixed in a static position. This orthosis features a soft foam padded cover that absorbs moisture and prevents skin maceration. Hook & loop strapping allows for a customized, secure and effective fit during each use.

Comfyprene Hand Separate Finger Orthosis : Dark Blue

Separator allows for individualized finger placement and adjustments. Excellent for Dupytrens, Swan Neck, and Boutonneire contractures, sprains or fractures. Finger separator is included to separate the fingers of the splint.