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    Comfort Cool Thumb Spica Orthosis-Small/Medium-Long

    Universal support with moldable thermoplastic stay provides a customized fit.
    Product #: 234781NC
    Small/MediumLONG: 8-1/2" to 9" (21 to 23cm) in length.

    WRIST CIRCUMFERENCE: 5" to 6-1/2" (13 to 17cm)

    • Thin, 1/16" (1.6mm), perforated neoprene provides cool, lightweight support and compression. Neoprene can be trimmed and customized easily. Soft, terrycloth liner feels good against the skin.
    • Use the special thumb strap to stabilize IP extension or trim the thumb tip below the IP joint for thumb IP motion.
    • Use the Long length to treat de Quervain’s, tenosynovitis, arthritis, wrist and thumb tendinitis, joint fractures and CMC joint arthroplasty.
    • Includes a 3/32" (2.4mm) Omega™ Max thermoplastic insert for custom support. Removable insert restricts movement of the wrist and thumb joints and can be trimmed. Pocket helps pad the stay for a comfortable feel against the skin.
    • To fit the thermoplastic insert, heat in warm water and mold, then place it into the inside pocket. Or, microwave the insert while it is in the splint, then mold on the patient directly where needed.
    • Fits either the left or right hand.
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