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    COMBO Pack DVDs (4 DVDs, Poster and Program Guide)

    Four packed DVDs and Program guide.
    Product #: 2DDPYOGA


    • Diamond Dozen Poster
    • Program Guide

    Program Guide Includes:

    • Introduction to the workouts 13 Week workout grid Phase 1, 2 & 3
    • Nutrition Guides Food Lists (what to eat, what to avoid)
    • Meal Plans
    • Recipes
    • Food Journal
    • Workout Journal
    • Progress Journal

    Diamond Dozen - Various Segments totaling 45 Minutes Includes the fundamental positions at the heart of every workout. You'll learn about Dynamic Resistance and how to jack up your heart rate to reach your fat-burning potential while toning and sculpting your body with lean, chiseled muscles.

    Breathing – 6 Minutes Learning how to breathe is one of the most important principles of DDP Yoga. Oxygen is the fuel for your muscles. In any workout, controlling your breath makes your workout easier and helps to break down stored fat and convert it to high octane fuel. No, I’m not kidding here. Breathing correctly is not only important for losing fat and fueling muscle energy, it is the key to life itself!


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