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    Etac Clean Shower/Commode Chair with four Lockable 5" Casters

    Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate, thanks to the width of the push handle. The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair. The upright handle ensures that Clean is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets, and the chair is open at the back to facilitate access.

    Slim but roomy

    The smart design gives Etac Clean a large and comfortable seating area even though the chair is neat and slim.

    Fits over the toilet

    Thanks to the upright operating handle, the chair is a perfect fit, even over wall-mounted toilets.

    Easy access

    The chair is open at the back to facilitate access for hygiene purposes.

    Foot support designed for feet

    The practical foot support has a soft, rounded shape which gives the feet extra comfort and protection.

    Oversized shipping Charges Apply

    Weight capacity: 285 lbs.

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    Etac Parts & Accessories for Clean & Swift Mobil Chairs

    These parts and accessories are compatible with both Etac Clean and Swift Mobil chairs. For adults or children who require long-term use of a shower and/or commode chair. This versatile chair provides years of rust-proof use. Frame is designed with no welds. Powder-coated for durability with plastic wheels and screws to further protect from rust.

    TopPosey Horseshoe Wedge

    Horseshoe Wedges help to create a complete protective barrier around the perimeter of the bed for patients at risk to injure or entangle themselves in the side rails.

    Economy Transfer Belt w/QR Buckle, 6 Loops

    Extra wide soft nylon belt provides greater contact area with patients.

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    Econo Leg Spacer With Cover

    The Econo Leg Spacer is designed to help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Our spacer fits comfortably between your legs and keeps them in alignment with your spine. Helps to relieve pressure on joints and improve circulation to lower extremities. The special contoured design stays in place and moves with you without the need for straps. Made of precision cut, high quality foam. Included cover is removable and hand-washable. Standard 10 x 8 x 6 inches.