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Seat Pad For Dolomite Rollator

Foam seat pad fits Dolomite Legacy, Maxi, Symphony, Futura and Alpha models. May help with a little comfort when seated for long period of time.

Toilevator Toilet Riser

Toilevator Toilet Riser

Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bar

Handi-Grip Portable Grab Bar

Legacy 600, Standard, 24", w/ Basket

Thermosensitive PVC — provides sufficient rigidity for initial insertion, and then softens at body temperature to accommodate individual patient anatomy. 105° angle for comfort in-situ. Tube is suitably radiopaque to enable confirmation of tube position. Soft Seal cuff — velvet soft; low pressure, high volume cuff, with larger cuff resting diameter.

Legacy Low Custom - Custom Handle w/ Arm Trough **CUSTOM ITEM/ READ NOTE**


Dolomite Super Low Rollator, Blue

Reliable and durable describe the Legacy. Dolomite’s design incorporates a flip up seat for greater reach and gait training.

Toilevator GRANDE Extra Long Elevated Toilet Platform

Toilet base riser that adds 3.5" to your toilet, Grande is a longer base to accommodate the newer elongated toilets. Toilevator is more stable than an add-on raised toilet seat. White plastic base Includes bolts, water supply line extension, soil pipe extensions and toilet ring seals for installation. Instructions with diagrams for easy installation.

Legacy Low

Reliable and durable describe the Legacy. Dolomite’s design incorporates a flip up seat for greater reach and gait training. Legacy comes in 3 seat/frame heights and two colors, Metallic Blue and Candy Apple Red. The large 8” wheels are for indoor or outdoor use. The DABS patented braking system is easy to use for direct braking or parking. Legacy is currently being used by many of our nation’s veterans. Strong steel frame has a 330lb capacity, easily folds for storage. Handle height is adjustable and have foam grip for comfortable grasp. Removable basket with carry handle hangs on front. Flexible back strap included.

The Legacy Standard Red Dolomite Walker, Standard Red

The Legacy Standard Red Dolomite Walker, Standard Red

Tray for Dolomite Rollators

Acrylic tray with edges allows you to carry small items or beverages. Any spills can be contained. Tray has rubber feet to fit on depressions on seat of walker. Easily removed when you want to sit.

Basket For Dolomite Walkers

Metal wire basket with hooks, to hang on walker frame.

Soprano Four Wheeled Dolomite Walker

Cable-less design means no brake cables to get entangled or frayed.

Dolomite: Maxi+ Standard Heavy Duty Four Wheeled Walker

For the customer who requires a walker with more capacity, consider the Maxi+. It is a wider steel frame, 20.5” and has a greater weight capacity, 452 lbs. while remaining a 19 lb. walker. The arms adjust in increments for 6 inches of height range and have ergonomic grips from 32.5" to a maximum height is 39.5"

Alpha Basic Rehab Walker with Forearm Supports

The Alpha walkers address the needs of anyone who cannot use the standard hand grip or brake handle. The forearm pads provide support from elbow to wrist. A variety of adjustments can be made to angle, height and distance for the forearms pads and brake handles. The seat allows you to turn around and rest along the way. The Alpha Basic has looped brakes handles turned vertical. Alpha Advanced has a cushioned handle on a ball joint. Braking can be accomplished by pushing or pulling depending on the joint setting.

Alpha Advanced Rollator w/ Platform Support

The Dolomite Alpha Basic and Advanced Walkers are medical mobility devices to assist individuals with mobility challenges who cannot use a standard rollator hand grips or brake handles. The foldable, wheeled-walker uses forearm supports and looped style brake levers for individuals with weakened or limited hand strength and a variety of adjustments can be made to the height, angle, and distance of the forearms pads and brake handles to provide a comfortable, customized fit to the user. The 8' high friction indoor/outdoor wheels provide safe and smooth mobility over uneven surfaces.

One Handed Brake for Maxi, Legacy, and Futura Rollators

One Handed Brake for Maxi, Legacy, and Futura Rollators

Futura Extra Tall Four Wheeler Walker

The tallest walker on market, designed to accommodate persons taller that 6'2" who need walking assistance.

Tall Handles For Legacy Low Walker

Extension tubes that add 3" additional height to your Legacy walker. You will get a pair of chrome tubes with foam grips.

Maxi+ Low Rollator

Maxi+ Low Four Wheeled Walker