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    Champion Options/Accessories

    These are all the Options for Champion Chairs and Accessories that you can add to your chair of choice. Please consult our Customer Service to make sure which Accessories/Options are available with the type of chair you're looking for.


    • Heat & Massage

    The tabletop switch is easily accessible to patients and caregivers providing three warmth and four massage levels for true comfort.

    • Heat System

    Presets of 95º, 100º or 105º F provide gentle warmth without overheating, and the auto shut-off helps control costs.

    • Head Pillow/Lumbar Support

    Provide comfort and support with an adjustable head pillow. The large strap holds it securely in place, but can be moved down for additional lumbar support. Logo embossing option available.

    • Cushion Wedge

    Provide an additional cushion surface with this wedge that rests on the seat beside the armrest.

    • Nocturnal Sleep Pad

    Convert a Classic Recliner into a Sleeper with a flat, comfortable sleeping surface that’s easy to install, clean and store.

    • Sleep Guards

    Removable sleep rails provide security to both patient and caregiver for overnight treatments. For Classic recliners with fixed arms.

    • Foot Rest Extender

    Comfortable support for taller patients’ feet when in full recline position.

    • USB Charging Port

    Empower patients and help keep them comfortable during long treatments by providing them a USB charging port built into their recliner. Conveniently located within patients’ reach, the USB is easily accessible to power phones, tablets, e-readers and more.

    • Tablet Holder

    Fully articulating for a full range of movement, designed to support lightweight electronics. Can be used by a patient or caregiver. Tablet not included.

    • TV/Monitor Mount

    Universal VESA mount with integral wire raceways to hide cords from the monitor. Articulating arm has an adjustable counter-balance system that allows for a full range of movement. TV/monitor not included.

    • Personal Items Storage Bag & Hook

    Store multiple personal items in one convenient bag or on a stainless steel hook. Please note that a hook for a Foley Bag will also be located in the lower front arm panel.

    • Black Arm Caps

    Available only on the Alō, Ascent, or Ascent II lines.

    • Push Handle Cover

    Cover and protect the push handle and wall surfaces.

    • Paper Roll Dispenser

    A color-coordinated vinyl strap secures the anti-microbial paper roll dispenser to the rear push handle of the chair, positioning it for maximum patient comfort.

    • Arm Covers

    Easy-to-clean covers that minimize wear and tear on recliner arms.

    • Head Flap

    A double-sided head flap that protects the seat back to extend the life of the recliner. Logo embossing option available.

    • Wood Arm Caps

    Available only for 526 and 527 Sleepers.

    • Black Fold-Away Table

    Available on the Alō, Continuum, and Passage recliners only.

    • Pivot Table

    Available only on the Alō or Continuum. Pivots 360° to not impede patient entry or exit into chair.

    • Fold-Away Table (with cupholder)

    Standard fold-away table with cupholder. Cupholder must be ordered with the table.

    • Standard Fold-Away Table

    Easily accessible by patients and caregivers. Available on one or both sides.

    • Black Over-the-lap Tray

    The tray has a slightly curved design. Use with Passage, Classic and Ascent models.

    • Black Fold-Away Table (with cupholder)

    Available on the Alō, Continuum, and Passage recliners only. Cupholder must be ordered with the table.

    • IV Pole, 4-Hook

    Extendable IV poles are easily mounted to the recliner, or simple to use in a rolling base.

    • IV Rolling Base

    IV poles lock securely into this five-caster base.

    • IV Pole, 2-Hook

    Extendable IV poles are easily mounted to the recliner, or simple to use in a rolling base.

    • IV Bracket

    Attach the IV pole to the recliner to save floor space and eliminate separate IV equipment when moving the patient.

    • Oxygen Tank Holder

    Mounts to any chair and holds oxygen tanks or O2 Concentrators.

    • Back Steering Casters

    Maneuvering chairs down long hallways is far easier with back steering casters. Only available for the 5" thermoplastic caster.

    • Central-locking Caster System

    A quick and efficient way to lock all casters. Available on the 85 Series, 86 Series XL, Ascent, Ascent XL, Ascent II, and Ascent II XL recliners.

    • Push Handle

    For ease of caregiver use during patient transport.

    • Breakaway Arms

    Make it easier to transfer patients to and from a wheelchair or bed with our breakaway arms. This also gives caregivers easier access to patients during treatment.

    • Foot Tray

    Quickly release a hidden foot rest to increase comfort for your shorter patients and to provide safety during patient transport.