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    Carendo Multipurpose Hygiene Chair with Accessories

    Studies have confirmed that caregivers assisting with washing in bed or showering using a fixed-height chair are subjected to high static load levels. In fact, when assisting with these sessions, caregivers spend only 30-40% of the time in a sound body position, with a resulting high risk of back injury and pain.
    Product #: 23694563AJ

    A height-adjustable hygiene chair is the best solution for minimizing static load to protect caregivers’ health and safety. Investigations have shown that caregivers spend 75%1 of their time in sound working positions when using a height-adjustable hygiene chair. For experienced users this figure can be even higher.

    Maintain resident dignityThe Care Raiser™ feature makes Carendo® the most dignified solution for the most sensitive tasks in elderly care, minimizing intrusive handling in routines such as dressing and undressing and changing incontinence pads. As Care Raiserenables the caregiver to dress and undress the resident on Carendo in the shower area, the resident avoids the indignity of being transported to and from the shower semiclothed. With Carendo, a single caregiver can manage all hygiene tasks, allowing personal, dignified one-to-one care. Being as independent as possible is vital for personal dignity. Carendopromotes participation by the resident. When showering, the resident can be comfortably positioned to use the shower handle, participating to actively stimulate mobility.

    Improve comfortCarendo is designed to make hygiene routines as comfortable as possible for the resident. The resident feels better and more relaxed because Carendo can be reclined at the most comfortable angle for each routine (e.g., hair washing). The resident is comfortably supported at all times by the full-length backrest and head cushion. As well as providing optimum support, the attractive design of Carendo helps to put the resident at ease.

    Enhance efficiencyCarendo enhances the efficiency of hygiene routines by saving time. Although there is a widespread belief that washing a resident in bed is a quicker method, a study2 has revealed that showering with a height-adjustable chair can actually be up to 35% more time-efficient.Care Raiser is a key factor in streamlining health care processes by offering easier access to the perineal area to support high-quality hygiene routines. Only one caregiver is required.

    Maximize safetyEvery aspect of Carendo is designed to maximize resident safety during hygiene routines. The outstanding stability of the chassis gives the resident a sense of security, even in the highest position. Importantly, the resident feels safe when being raised, lowered and reclined — due to the smooth and gentle movement during these adjustments.

    Carendo is a multipurpose hygiene chair with a unique capability to offer optimum solutions for all stages of assisted hygiene processes. This means reduced strain for caregivers from tasks traditionally performed on the bed, such as dressing/undressing the resident or changing incontinence pads.What makes this possible?Care Raiser — an innovation for managing sensitive hygiene tasks.


    Lifting capacity300 lbs (136 kg)

    Weight 141 lbs (64 kg)

    Chassis, maximum width25” (640 mm)

    Chassis, width between legs19 ¾” (500 mm)

    Chassis, maximum length (including brakes)36 ½” (925 mm)

    Lifting stroke range (seat)21 ¾” (550 mm)

    Seat height, lowest & highest position 18 ½ & 37 ½” (470 & 950 mm)

    Minimum height & length, upright position 48 ½ & 35” (1,230 & 890 mm)

    Maximum length, reclined position59 ¾” (1,520 mm)