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    Breast Form Style 746 Natural-Beige

    The breast forms are safe to wear with affirmative swimwear in chlorine swimming pools, and saltwater but NOT Hot tubs. The heat could degrade the silicone.
    • Teardrop shape symmetrical form can be worn on right or left side.
    • Made of a soft lightweight medical grade silicone approximately 25% lighter. Covered with a matte, velvety soft, skin-like polyurethane film which simulates the appearance, texture and consistency of a natural breast.
    • The form is designed with necessary weight to restore body balance.
    • It adapts rapidly to body temperature and reacts with natural body movement.
    • Concave back
    • Suitable for most types of surgery
    • Separate molded fabric cover included
    • Hand washable, imported


    *Custom item. May take up to 6-8 weeks to arrive*

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