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Orthopedic Air Walker Boot Cast for Ankle Sprains, Fractures and Achilles Tendonitis

Searching for a highly-rated medical walking boot at an affordable price? Look no further. This air cast boot offers mobility, protection, and support for daily activities while recovering from a variety of foot and ankle injuries, including: Bunionectomy, Ankle sprains, Stress fractures, General pain or postoperative use, Metatarsal foot fractures, Lisfranc injuries, Toe, foot, or ankle breaks and Achilles tendonitis.

Plantar Fasciitis Soft Night Sock Stretching Splint

Plantar fasciitis is a common reason for pain in the heel and arch of the foot, particularly at the start of the day or when moving after sitting for a long time. Foot arch pain from plantar fasciitis is caused by repetitive stretching and tearing of the plantar fascia. This foot brace provides a gentle dorsiflexion stretch to your plantar fascia as you sleep, slowly healing and conditioning the ligament. It is very lightweight and comfortable compared to other night splint boots, so it's less likely to disrupt your sleep.

Obesity Knee Pain Brace

Every pound of body weight adds about five pounds of force on your knee joint. So, it’s not surprising that being overweight increases your risk of experiencing knee-related injuries and can cause your knees to wear out faster than they might otherwise. For example, research shows being overweight or obese significantly increases your risk of suffering from osteoarthritis or the acceleration of existing arthritis.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Elbow Brace

You have probably been the victim of an assault to your ulnar nerve, which can occur when you hit your “funny bone”. Normally, the sharp elbow pain, tingling, and numbness only last a few seconds, but with repeated irritation, this pain and subsequent damage can last for days. Your ulnar nerve covers a lot of real estate, traveling from the neck region of your spinal cord all the way down the forearm to your hand. It can become entrapped or pinched at numerous points besides the cubital tunnel of your elbow, though cubital tunnel syndrome happens to be one of the most common reasons for nerve entrapment neuropathy in your upper limb.

Elastic & Neoprene Back Pain Relief Compression Brace

BraceAbility offers the elastic & neoprene back pain relief brace for maximum compression to the lower lumbar region. This 9" tall back brace is made of a neoprene material making it comfortable for all day and night wear.

Plus Size Large Compression Knee Sleeve , 4XL

Plus-Size Knee Sleeve for Compression and Support This knee compression sleeve is a simple solution for pain in the knee joint stemming from arthritis, knee strains/sprains, and other knee injuries. The plus-size knee compression sleeve is available in sizes from L up to 6XL with a couple of wide calf options, fitting thigh circumferences (measured 6 inches above the kneecap) up to 35 inches.

Hand & Two Finger Extension Splint and Immobilizer for Index, Middle or Pinky Fracture

Minimize Trigger Finger & Broken Knuckle Pain: The Benefits of Finger Splints Recovering from a finger injury or managing a chronic hand condition can be a major drag. Daily activities such as work and errands can cause debilitating pain. A finger splint can help you get through everyday tasks without aggravating your injury. The best brace for your condition depends on your specific injury and lifestyle. Check out the finger injuries and recommended uses below to find if our versatile finger straightening splint is ideal for your specific situation!

Herniated, Degenerative & Bulging Disc Medical Back Brace

Struggling to find lower back pain relief? Choosing the correct type of brace or product can be an intimidating task. Whether your low back pain is caused by a pulled muscle, herniated disc, or arthritis, you won’t go wrong with this belt.

Metatarsal Stress Fracture Foot Brace Walking Boot

Foot Stress Fracture Boot This walking boot for a stress fracture in the foot bones (metatarsals) has metal reinforced uprights that provide ultimate protection and support to the ankle and foot. When these areas are injured, they are vulnerable to additional damage. This stress fracture foot boot keeps this from occurring.

Bariatric Back Brace

Specifically designed to provide superior lower back and abdominal support, treating and easing mild to chronic back pain.

Hyper-X TLSO Jewett Hyperextension Back Brace Orthosis

Comfortable Hyperextension Brace Features This Jewett back brace applies pressure to three areas of the body—the sternum, the midback and the front of the hips, supporting the thoracic and lumbar spine and limiting forward flexion of the back. The corrective back brace encourages proper posture and spinal alignment, which helps to reduce pain. The extended to hyperextended position that the thoracolumbosacral orthotic (TLSO) promotes makes it a great product for treating many conditions, including compression fractures, kyphosis, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, thoracolumbar injury, thoracic mechanical back pain and other spinal anomalies. The frame of the TLSO brace for compression fracture care has numerous features geared toward user comfort and compliance. The pelvic band of the back brace for bulging discs is spring loaded and it rotates along with the patient, making it easy for one to move from a seated to a standing position or vice versa without the TSLO brace shifting out of position. The pad in the sternum area is also articulating so it can move with one’s body. This improves both the comfort level and the function of the back brace for broken vertebrae. Soft padding along the areas that come in contact with the body also improves the comfort factor of the back brace for lumbar or thoracic compression fractures. The frame of the hyperextension orthosis can easily be adjusted both in terms of height and width to suit each patient. This can be done without removing any screws from the back brace for degenerative disc disease. This material also makes the back brace for compression fractures quite lightweight. The Jewett extension brace is quite similar to a cruciform anterior spinal hyperextension (CASH) brace, which also features pads in the sternal, pubic and back area and limits forward flexion. A CASH back brace differs in that it also includes a cross-shaped bar running up one’s midsection, whereas a Jewett brace is open across much of one’s midsection.