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    BPS Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery + Machine Cable Kits

    Enjoy similar features and impressive upgrades with the new and improved Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit. Here's what's changed from the original Freedom Battery: 20% longer runtimes; native compatibility with AirSense, DreamStation, AirMini, S9 Family; no more bulky adapters; and powers both 12V and 24V machines.
    Product #: 2369845510CPAP
    • Full Charge in as Little as Two Hours
    • Charge Mobile Devices Up to 300% Faster
    • Streamlined Connection Cables—No More Bulky Adapters
    • Backup Mode Kicks in When Main Power Fails
    • Chain With a Second Battery for Runtimes Up to Five Nights
    • View Charge Levels on a Digital Display Screen
    • Uses Your Machine's Power Supply for Charging
    • Meets FAA and TSA Requirements for Air Travel
    • Compatible With Freedom Solar Charger
    • 500 Charge Cycle Lifespan

    Charge Mobile Devices Up to 300% Faster

    With over two amps of extra power for the included USB port, your devices will charge 300% faster than with traditional USB ports. In the time it takes to watch a movie, the USB port on the Freedom V2 will give all your devices the power needed for a full battery.

    Streamlined Connection Cables—No More Bulky Adapters

    Each Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit includes the battery and the correct cable for your device. The included smart cable accommodates different voltage requirements for 12V and 24V devices and powers most of the popular machines on the market today.

    Chain With a Second Battery for Runtimes Up to Five Nights

    The redesigned Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery provides most CPAP machines with enough juice for one to three nights. By coupling the Freedom V2 with a second Freedom V2 battery, you can enjoy double the off-the-grid fun while also getting the restful sleep you deserve.

    Charge Using Your Machine's Power Supply

    There's no power supply included with the Freedom V2 because it charges using your device's power supply. Simply plug it into the wall, and you'll be ready to go again in just two short hours.

    The Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit is compatible with:

    • AirSense, AirCurve, or AirStart Machines
    • DreamStation Series Machines
    • AirMini
    • S9

    What's Included:

    • Battery
    • Adapter Kit for Chosen Machine


    How to Charge the Freedom V2 Battery

    The Freedom V2 charges using your CPAP machine's power supply. To charge, plug the power supply into the charge input port and the other end into the power source.

    How to Connect Your Freedom V2 Battery to Your CPAP Machine

    Your new Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery Kit includes the correct cable to connect to your machine. You'll need to plug that cable into the DC output port and then connect the other end into your CPAP machine's DC input port. You should be able to power on the CPAP machine once this has been done.

    How to Get the Most Out of Your Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery

    The battery runtimes quoted for the Freedom V2 assume you're not using a heated hose or heated humidifier during your therapy session. These features use a fair amount of power and will drain the battery much faster than anticipated if you use these accessories while powering your CPAP using the Freedom V2.

    Other factors impacting runtime are variables such as pressure setting and altitude. Higher pressure settings and higher altitudes will use less power than lower pressure settings and lower altitudes. The runtimes calculated presume you're at an average pressure setting (around 10) and use the device at sea level.

    We recommend you test your battery at least once before relying on it for an emergency situation or off-grid adventure.

    Power Inverter Tips

    While the Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery can be used with an AC inverter to power any device, like the device you're powering from the inverter, the AC inverter is also drawing battery power from the Freedom V2. It will dramatically reduce the battery run times. If at all possible, you should avoid using an inverter to power your device.