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    Blue Pure 411 Purifier

    Completely filters air in 161 ft² room every 12 minutes
    Product #: 2BLUEAIRBA
    Designed for small rooms

    Filters the air at the industry-recommended rate of 5x an hour (or about every 12 minutes) in a 161 ft² room to effectively lower particle levels and maintain a comfortable environment in your nursery, guest bedroom or home office.

    Wirecutter Pick

    Independently reviewed by the experts at Wirecutter, the Blue Pure 411 ranks as one of Wirecutter's top air purifier picks. Featured in Wirecutter's "The Best Air Purifier" article, they called the model "Small, effective, and attractive."

    Three-part filtration

    A fabric pre-filter offers the first layer of protection, catching large particles like pet hair and dust and extending the life of the primary filter. The combination Particle + Carbon Filter uses a layer of activated carbon to filter light household odors from pets, cooking, and smoking, while the main particle filter removes airborne particles, like pollen, dust, pet dander, and more.

    The secret behind powerful filtration

    Our unique combination of electrostatic and mechanical filtration that we call HEPASilent™ filtration technology sets us apart. The combination allows us to use filters that are less dense and require less air pressure than traditional HEPA filters without a loss in performance— resulting in quieter and more energy efficient air purifiers.

    One-button design

    Forget about adjusting settings and knobs - a single button controls it all and lets you know when it's time to replace the filter.

    Easy filter change

    The built-in LED warning system glows red when it's time for a change. For optimal performance, we recommend replacing every 6 months.

    Automatic LED dim

    After about 7 seconds, the LED light will automatically dim to 10% brightness.

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    Included in Box

    • Blue Pure 411 air purifier
    • Blue Pure 411 Particle + Carbon filter
    • Blue Pure 411 Pre-filters Diva Blue
    • Blue Pure 411 Pre-filters Dark Shadow
    • Instruction manual
    • 16.7 x 8 x 8 in
    • 3.4lbs
    • 1.5 - 10 W
    • 17 - 46 dB(A)
    • Top
    • 360°
    • 161 ft2
    • 5
    • 120 cfm
    • 120 cfm
    • 105 cfm

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