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Kangaroo 1000 mL Pump Set - Non-Sterile Case of 30

Anti free-flow feature prevents the bag from allowing the free flow of solution into the patient (similar to a gravity feed set) if the set becomes disconnected from the pump

Kangaroo Joey Sets Enteral Feeding Bags 1000 mL Pump Set: Case 30

Kangaroo Joey Feeding Bag Sets, manufactured by Covidien, are Kendall brand feeding pump sets designed to be compatible with the Kangaroo Joey. These Kangaroo Pump Sets are single patient use. The feeding bag sets feature an Anti-free flow safety device that prevents the formula from flowing when the feeding pump is not loaded correctly, minimizing the risk or injury or lost formula. These Kangaroo Joey Pump Sets are DEHP free, so they are safe to use for individuals who are sensitive to DEHP. These Feeding Bag Sets are engineered to make patient tampering less likely.