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    Birthing Simulator

    This versatile birthing simulator features the pelvic cavity with major anatomical landmarks and painted outline of bony pelvis. The birthing simulator allows intra-uterine manipulation and various training possibilities for prenatal, intra-partum, and postpartum skills as follows: Fetal palpation of fontanelles, backbone, knees, and elbows Vertex presentation Normal vaginal delivery Complete, frank and footling breech delivery C-section delivery Vertex and breech presentations in multiple delivery Demonstration of placenta previa: total, partial, and marginal Prolapse of umbilical cord Ritgen's maneuver 3 soft vulva inserts for episiotomy exercises Normal delivery of umbilical cord and placenta Suction of baby's nose and mouth Birthing simulator supplied with 2 stomach covers (skin-tone/transparent), 1 male and 1 female fetus with placenta, 5 umbilical cords, 2 umbilical clamps, talcum powder and carrying bag. The birthing simulator is a great tool for teaching the labor and human birth process.
    Product #: 210057903BS