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    AW Hosiery Wash

    Ames Walker Hosiery Wash: What's first? A run, bagginess, shrinking or tearing, fading, or the elastic disappearing in your fine hosiery? NO MORE WORRIES! Introducing a hand wash product formulated for finer hosiery that eliminates premature aging of your quality hosiery. Man-made fibers and microfibers in finer hosiery require a product that preserves elasticity. Ames Walker Hosiery Wash is that product! It will promote longer life for your finer hosiery because it rejuvenates and protects fibers, in a gentle cleansing manner.
    • Very light lather that provides an anti-static solution for hosiery
    • Quick-rinsing blend that is environmentally sound
    • Protection for the proportional fit designed into garments
    • Unparalleled results in five minutes
    • A gentle approach to clean, soften, deodorize, and protect your support hosiery and socks like no other laundry liquid
    • 8 oz bottle