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    Automatic Stove Shut-Off Device for Electric Stoves - 4 Wire Only - White

    Improve kitchen safety with this white iGuardStove electric stove monitor. The motion sensor and preset timer shuts off an unmonitored stove, preventing potential fires, while the manual override lets you roast and simmer without interruptions. This iGuardStove electric stove monitor features a recent history feature that tracks your stove use.
    Product #: 2314771BB

    Automatic stove shut-off device

    Automatically shuts off your electrical stove if you step away for too long, which could help keep kitchens safe for families, kids, and older adults.

    Advanced motion sensing and timer technologies

    Work in conjunction to determine what someone has left the kitchen and when to shut off the stove. If someone is being attentive then the stove will continue to cook.

    Adjustable audible and visual alerts

    Beeps and strobes can be adjusted to remind you the stove is about to shut off.

    Wi-Fi connection

    Provides remote alerts, access to settings, and emergency shutoff through your smartphone.

    Ambient room temperature monitor

    Lets you know if hot or cold temperature limits are exceeded.

    Manual timer

    Enables you to disable the automatic shut-off safety feature when you need longer unattended and uninterrupted cooking times.

    Late night lock

    Allows you to program times when the stove is disabled and can't be used.

    Caregiver lock

    Disables the stove right at the device, giving secure control to caregivers.

    Child lock

    Prevents accidental activation of the stove by children playing with the controls or someone bumping against the knobs.

    Daytime activity monitor

    Monitors for motion during the day and if no one is seen for a set period of time you will be alerted so you can check to see if they are mobile.

    Nighttime activity monitor

    Track movement in the kitchen during the night to help expose potential sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleepwalking.

    SMS text and e-mail alerts

    The Alert Message Subscription will send you the following SMS or email alerts:Turn On, Auto Shut Off, Good Morning Message, No Motion Detected, Emergency Button Pressed, Room Temperature Alerts, Loss of Communication.

    Turn on

    Lets you know if someone has turned the stove on.

    Auto shut off

    Alerts you to the fact that the stove has been forgotten and had to be shut off automatically by the iGuardStove.

    Good morning message

    Lets you know when someone is mobile and has arrived into the kitchen.

    No motion detected

    Notifies you that no one has shown up in the kitchen to start their day and may immobile.

    Emergency button pressed

    Someone may be in distress and has pressed the Emergency button to shut off the stove.

    Room temperature alerts

    Either of the high/low temperature extremes has been reached.

    Loss of communication

    Notifies that the server can no longer see the device to send out alerts and attention is required.

    (Fees may apply for additional services.)

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    What's Included

    • Mounting hardware
    • Network cable
    • Owner's manual
    • iGuardStove 4-Wire Automatic Electric Stove Shut-Off Device