Arjo Huntleigh

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Sara Stedy

SARA STEDY Designed for patients 149-193 cm (4’11”-6’6”) tall and weighing up to 182 kg (400 lb).

MaxiSlide Sheet - 29"W x 68"L

MaxiSlide™ patient transfer solutions help nurses to overcome daily patient transfer challenges in an efficient way. They come in a variety of shapes and dimensions completely covering the established working techniques for slides. A wide range of flat sheets with handles and tubular slides have been designed to meet the needs and challenges of both acute and long term care environments.

SARA PLUS Standing and Raising Aid. Complete with 2 Batteries and 1 Charger

Sara Plus powered standing and raising aid is an ergonomic standing and raising aid which mobilizes residents/clients during everyday activities, such as transfers and toileting. It extends the mobility-activating benefits of the standing and raising aid to more residents/clients than ever before.

1 Medium Wipe Down Sling

Sara Plus Wipe Down Standing Sling for all general sit to stand, transfer and toileting activities.

Sara 3000

Sara 3000 is a standing and raising aid designed specifically to provide additional support and assistance to patients or residents who have some capacity to stand on their own.