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    Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

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    Activity Pillow

    Activity Pillow helps calm those with Alzheimer's or dementia, keeping hands occupied. Activities include zipping, buttoning, fastening, and buckling. Textures offer tactile stimulation. Bird chirps when pressed. Straps secure to bed or tray. Items are permanently attached to help prevent swallowing or loss. Machine washable. 22"W x 15-1/2"L x 1"H For more information on the Activity Pillow, click here.

    Activity Apron

    Activity Apron Provides visual and tactile stimulation for clients with diminished cognitive function. Bright colors and texture variation. Threading and buttoning activities help improve fine motor skills. Center plastic pocket holds photo. Secures like an apron around the patient's waist. Machine washable. Suitable for Alzheimer's patients.

    Rije Dysphagia Cup

    Designed with the help of Speech Language Pathologist and Occupational Therapists, the RiJe Cup assists with safe swallowing of liquids promotes rehabilitation and independence. The RiJe Cup is the only assistive drinking device that works with thin and nectar-thick liquids IDDSI Levels 0, 1 and 2.

    Adaptive Women's Everyday Long Sleeve Top

    This lovely long-sleeve top will have you dressing easy & looking stylish. Unique side-seam closure opens up the shirt like a hospital gown, so you’ll never have to raise your arms over your head! Enjoy struggle-free dressing with help from another person. Hidden snaps along the side seam ensure the shirt remains fully closed and looks just like a premium blouse.

    Adaptive Men's Everyday Polo

    Unique side-seam closure opens this handsome shirt, allowing quick & easy dressing with help from another person. It opens like a hospital gown, so you’ll never have to raise your arms over your head! Hidden snaps along the side seam ensure the shirt remains fully closed & looks just like a classic polo.

    7 Level Communication Builder

    Self-contained communication device allows the user to record and play back from 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 different messages per level. There are 7 levels for recordings for a total of 112 messages (in the 16 window setting) at the touch of a button! Total record time is 300 seconds. Includes 5 sturdy frame/overlays in 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 16 windows. Latex free.

    Wireless Chair Alarm and Pager

    Wireless chair alarm that provides instant alerts when a loved one or patient begins to exit a chair, enabling immediate assistance for those with mobility issues, balance issues, and more. Sealed to protect against incontinence, dust and dirt, the antimicrobial sensor pad is constructed with a soft, latex-free vinyl for hassle-free cleaning. The sensor pad also includes a wireless transmitter with custom delay settings that is easy to sync with a pager or door light.

    Wireless Call Button and Pager

    Request assistance at the touch of a button with the wireless call button. Perfect for elderly, those with limited mobility, following surgery or injury, the call button instantly alerts caregivers that help is needed. Featuring a large, easy to press button and bright indicator light, the call button is compact for conveniently carrying in a pocket or wearing as a pendant with the included 15” lanyard. The call button is easy to connect to a variety of devices, including a pager and door light.

    Wireless Bed Alarm and Pager

    Safely and easily monitor loved ones or patients with a wireless bed alarm. Connecting to a variety of devices for convenience and caregiver peace of mind, the bed alarm provides real-time alerts to enable immediate assistance for those with mobility issues, balance issues and more. The antimicrobial sensor pad is sealed for complete protection from incontinence, dust and dirt. Constructed with a soft, latex-free vinyl, the bed alarm sensor pad is easy to clean. The sensor pad also includes a wireless transmitter with custom delay settings that easily syncs with a pager or door light.

    Water Leak Detector Alarm

    Comes with 2 alarms, perfect for tub or sink overflow detection.

    Talking Photo Album with Personalized Voice Recorded Messages

    Length: 6.75 in Width: 1.50 in Height: 9.00 in

    Simple Music Player

    Pre-loaded with big band tunes -or- add your own MP3 music files!

    Sensory Stimulation Activities Kit

    Comprehensive kit provides a sensory stimulation and basic cognitive rehabilitation program. • A sensory and cognitive therapy tool for the caregiver • Age-appropriate functional materials

    Scoop Dish

    Comes in 4 colors! Perfect for visual contrast.

    Reversible Bibs for Adults

    Our Adult bibs are both fashionable as well as functional. Our senior bibs are designed with a reversible side, giving you a second bib when needed in an emergency. Each bib has an accessible pocket (It was hard for us to find that in a bib but our clients said that is what they needed when caring for those with dementia).These stylish adult bibs are the perfect clothing protector, designed for the challenged diner as well as used by all. Adult bibs are ideally used during cooking, activities, crafting, and car meals. Because they are so attractive senior bibs can be worn all day. They are light weight, water and stain proof plus stylish and reversible. This dignified dining wear completely covers the chest and lap making the entire front of the body a no stain area and they won't shrink, fade or ravel. Wipe off or machine wash and dry, our bibs get softer with each wash! The reverse side is a matching solid color and there are handy pockets on each side of garment. Adult bibs are available in Blues and Camouflage. Each bib comes with a tote bag. They are great for gift giving and a definite morale booster for the wearer.

    Red Dining Set for Alzheimer's and Dementia

    Includes scoop bowl, scoop dish, nose cut out cup, bendable utensils and rocker knife.

    PROVALE Regulating Drinking Cups

    The Provale® Cup is a Limited Flow Cup for the delivery of thin liquids. Simply by tipping the Provale® Cup in a normal drinking motion, the cup delivers Small Sips™ (5cc, one teaspoon, or 10cc two teaspoons depending on Cup model). By returning the Cup to its upright position, the chamber is refilled and ready to deliver another Small Swallow®. This repetitive, normal drinking motion encourages normal drinking habits and may allow for more patient independence. Replacement lids sold individually.

    Premium Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat

    Premium Padded Bath and Shower Chair with Pivoting Arms- PowerSlide Model with Push-Button Electric Travel

    Over and Under Mattress Alarm Systems

    Shop here for over-mattress and under-mattress pads and alarm systems.

    Neater Powered Drinker

    The Neater Powered Drinker enables people to drink liquids and puréed foods at their own pace. The amount of liquid it can pump can be set by the user, and the liquid does not touch any parts of the mechanical pump, meaning it is easy to keep clean and long-lasting. ** 6-8 WEEK DELIVERY TIME**

    Neater Eater Dining Robot Feeder

    FSS CONTRACT 36F79723D0004 NOW WITH VOICE CONTROL! The Neater Eater offers best-in-class technology! The Robotic Neater Eater is indicated for use with patients who maintain head control ability to include chewing and swallowing. The Neater Eater provides patients the ability to eat at their own pace, providing greater patient independence, dignity and choice. Veterans who could benefit from the neater eater are those with neurological diseases such as ALS or MS, Spinal cord injuries, or any physical impairment that affects dining independence. The Neater Eater Dinging Robotic Feeder is considered to be the most advanced assistive eating technology device available today! Cited in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2018!

    Maroon Spoons

    Maroon Spoons Great for home carryover.Sturdy plastic spoons with narrow, shallow bowls allow food to slide off easily for clients with poor lip closure, oral hypersensitivity, or tongue thrust. Especially useful during assessment or when starting on solid food, since the amount of food can easily be limited. Long handles allow the client to use during early self-feeding. Tough, break-resistant plastic • FDA-approved ABS: no lead, BPA, or phthalates • Not made with natural rubber latex • Dishwasher-safe

    Manipulation Activity Board

    Rehabilitation Advantage Manipulation Activity Board was created to improve a user’s dexterity. The variety of activities on this busy board allows the user to fine tune their motor skills while improving their finger strength. It makes the perfect addition to any home or therapy clinic, and can be used for a variety of applications. Keep your little one entertained while introducing them to general life skills; or provide a workspace for elderly patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s. This board can be set up in seconds using the provided 3-piece stand.

    Inner Lip Plate- Choose from 5 Colors

    The Inner Lip Plate is an adapted dining plate with an inside lip and extended rim around the entire plate. Users who have difficulty scooping their food will find the raised edge prevents food from sliding off the plate. Choose from 5 Colors: Light Blue, Sandstone, Red, White, Blue

    HydroGlyde Sliding Bath Bench

    The HydroGlyde premium sliding transfer bench and bath/shower chair is the perfect bathroom aid for individuals with decreased and/or painful mobility challenges. Designed by front line healthcare workers with decades of experience in safe bathing and transfers, the HydroGlyde is considered a best-in-class transfer bench/bath/shower chair product by nurses, physiotherapists and doctors across the country.

    Deluxe Padded Shower Chair With Armrests

    The ComfortAble Shower/Bath Chair is the latest addition to the premium line of bathroom safety products offered by Platinum Health. Designed for users who value quality, safety, comfort and convenience over price, the ComfortAble is the perfect choice for users and caregivers who require a premium, cost effective bath and shower chair.

    Chair Sensor Pads and Alarm System

    Chair sensor pads and alarm system. The chair sensor pad may be used with or without a cushion and activates an alarm when the person rises. The alarm resets automatically when the person returns to sitting. The vinyl covered pads are water-resistant and measure 16" x 16".

    CareZips Womens Adaptive Pants

    The Patented 3-zipper pant that makes dressing, changing and toileting faster, safer and less painful.

    Calendars and Planners

    Shop here for your planner and calendar needs.

    Calendar Clock with Extra Large Digits

    Easy to read digital calendar and clock that shows the day of the week, the time, the month, and the date

    Automatic Faucet Shut-Off

    For those who have trouble adjusting the water temperature, turning the handles, or who may forget and leave the water running, the Automatic Faucet Shut-Off is just what you need.

    ALL-ACCESS Bath Bench with Cutout

    ALL-ACCESS Bath Transfer Bench with CUTOUT for Tub and Shower Transfers *OVERSIZED*

    Activity Apron- Small-Medium

    Activity Apron - Multiple textures and surfaces for tactile stimulation. There are multiple hand activities for improved finger dexterity and improved eye-hand coordination. Variety of activities reduces boredom and increases attention span. Helps in improving dressing skills (Zipper and Buttons). Excellent for Alzheimer's Patients.

    Wander Alarm: Door Monitor w/ Plug-In Alarm

    Designed to prevent Alzheimer's wandering + senior safety - the simplest, expandable, alarm system available. This kit includes one door sensor. Expand your system to include motion sensors, wireless alarm pagers, SOS Buttons and more!

    Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

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