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Holding Mitt, Small Mitt, 9"

Soft vinyl is comfortable and durable. Can be used effectively with a hand that has poor grasp due to limited ROM or muscle strength. Fits either hand. For sizing, measure from wrist to tip of middle finger. Latex free.

Glossectomy Spoon

Transports the bolus of food to the oropharnyx. Especially useful for people who have had surgery of the tongue.

Dsyphagia Cup, Green

Weighted base slows tremors to help self-drinking. Oval shape to direct flow of liquid. Nose clearance so patients can drink without tilting head.

AliMed® Leg-Length Discrepancy Pads, 9-mm, 9+ Mens

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Made from a long lasting viscoelastic polymer that provides exceptional shock absorption Packed individually MORE ABOUT THIS PRODUCT AliMed® Leg-Length Discrepancy Pads are made from a long lasting viscoelastic polymer that provides exceptional shock absorption. Packed individually. Firm wedge with soft fabric top cover is moisture-resistant, won't harden, crack, or curl. Choose 6 mm (1/4") or 9 mm (3/8").

Bariatric Gait Belt

AliMed® Bariatric Wipeable Gait Belt provides a secure way to support patients during transfers. Extra-long 96"L strap secures around even your largest patients and features a seatbelt-style buckle for extra security. Wipeable, smooth plastic strap has fully welded edges with no seams for bacteria to hide for easy cleaning with any commonly used spray disinfectant for multi-patient use. Available in Safety Yellow for identification of high-fall-risk patients.

Freedom Wrist/Thumb Splint

Supports wrist and CMC/MP joints. Relieves CTS pain with thumb support.

Palmar Swab Kit

Palmar Swab Kit


The Freedom finger contracture orthosis is used to assist in increasing extension of the MP,PIP, and DIP joints of the fingers where flexion contracture exists. The orthosis can be applied in different ways, depending on the severity of the contracture. It has a tapered and conical shape that provides gentle, progressive and measurable treatment of severely contracted fingers.

Humeral Fracture Orthosis (HFO)

Humeral Fracture Orthosis (HFO) for diaphyseal humeral fractures, support after removal of internal or external fixation, or as an adjunct to internal fixation. Two-part anterior/posterior design provides increased circumferential compression and allows adjustment for volumetric changes during healing.

No-Lift Booster with Handles, Standard

AliMed® “No-Lift” BOOSTER™ Help ease caregiver back strain by making it easier to boost the resident toward the headboard. Position the resident on top of the “No-Lift” BOOSTER as you would with a draw sheet. Grab the reinforced edges of the top tube layer, or by the handles, and slide it upward. Remove from beneath resident after each use. Optional hanging Mesh Storage Bags (sold separately). Black. Disposable Single-Patient-Use option for infection control.

Neoprene Ankle Supports W/STRAP

Provides gentle compression Low-profile design

Achilles Boot Wedge, Large

Fits into most closed-heel walker boots. Hindfoot wedge has peel-away layers that allow for progressive adjustment of plantarflexion.

SafeStraw®, Blue, Reusable, bx/12

Helps dysphagia clients with oral motor control of liquids Small fluid chamber with one-way valve and “float” regulates fluid draw For use with any normal straw

Home Ranger Shoulder Pulley

Low-cost, easy-to-use device Allow patients to increase or maintain range of motion

Air Boot with Hand Pump, Inflated

Full heel protection at half the price of competitive boots Air Boot offers you full heel suspension at half the price of competitive inflatable boots. Now you don't have to sacrifice prevention and healing to stay within your budget.

Bariatric Comfort pan Bedpan

AliMed® Bariatric Bed Pan with Anti-Splash Accommodates all patients, including bariatric and obstetric patients with comfort and ease. Unlike standard bed pans, AliMed's Bariatric Bed Pan has a low profile, large flat supportive area to accommodate larger patients, and is easy to place and remove.

Dynamic Digit Extension Tube

Dynamic Digit Extensor Tube™ is the better way to reduce PIP and DIP joint finger flexion contractures. A curved, banana-shaped, neoprene tube locates a 30° reverse angle under the PIP joint, stimulating a spring-like mechanism. Distributes lift along the entire volar surface of the digit. This lift, combined with a constrictive factor at the distal end of the digit, eliminates the harmful pressure commonly experienced with other forms of extension splinting. Fabric interior, rubber exterior.

Heavy-Duty T-Gel Impact Mitt

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Ideal for heavy-duty activities, T-Gel cushions blows and disperses energy from point of impact, Comfortable fit.

Inflatable Carrot

AliMed® Inflatable Carrot Finger Orthosis painlessly positions the fingers away from the palm to protect the skin from excessive moisture, pressure, and the risk of nail puncture injuries. Deflated Carrot with velvety, bacteriostatic cloth cover is gently pulled into hand with included placement wand and then gradually inflated, helping to lift fingertips away from the palm. Unlike most solid splints, the deflated Carrot fits into the most severely contracted hands. The ideal solution for patients experiencing extreme pain, discomfort, or anxiety from splint placement.

Swanson Hand Cone

AliMed® Swanson™ Hand Cone is shaped to fit the anatomy of a partially closed fist. The hook-and-loop strap keeps the cone in place - each finger has its own contoured resting place. No injury-causing hard edges. Firm rubber construction has a pleasant tactile feel and does not stimulate finger flexion or spasticity. Developed by Alfred Swanson, M.D., FACS. Fits left or right hand. Black. Firm rubber.

Body Positioning Wedge, 6 Pack, 10"W x 28"L x 8" H

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Economical positioning wedges Disposable or single patient use Support side-lying positioning in bed

Shoe Lift Adult

Adjustable Height Shoe Lifts are used to measure leg length discrepancies. Use a variety of thicknesses to obtain correct height. Adjustable hook-and-loop straps secure foot to shoe lifts. Five color-coded foam lifts (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 1") for easy identification of height. Black 1/8" top and 1/4" bottom sole.

Abduction Pillows


Wipeable Gait Belt, Blue, 54"L

Wipeable Gait Belt is made of a soft, flexible, and smooth material that is easier and more comfortable for caregivers to grip, providing safer patient transfers. Wipeable plastic strap has fully welded edges with no seams for bacteria to hide and an easy-release clip-style plastic buckle for easy cleaning with any commonly used spray disinfectant, keeping belts accessible while reducing cross-contamination risks.

Alimed Wireless Remote Alarm System for Bed

AliMed® PIR Alarm Systems are simple, safe and dependable motion-detection technology to help manage patient care and fall prevention. The PIR Alarm works just like automatic motion-detection lights. When the beam is interrupted, the alarm is sounded. The PIR beam is narrow and fan-shaped so that only the bedside area is monitored. The alarm won't go off when staff members enter the room. These systems eliminate the hazards associated with cords - tripping and accidental wire pulls are eliminated.

FREEDOM Comfort Thumb Wrap

FREEDOM® comfort Thumb Wrap comfortably holds user's thumb in opposition while allowing unimpeded function of fingers and hand. This thumb wrap provides excellent compression and support with its premium elastic two-way stretch material. Extra-long, removable metal stay extends from IP joint to wrist. Easily adjusts for custom thumb positioning as well as mild support at the wrist. Wrap-on application and hook-and-loop closures at the wrist and thumb make this support easy to apply and remove. Indications include gamekeeper's thumb, collateral ligament injuries, post-casting, and MP/CMC arthritis. Fits left or right.

Original Carrot - Blue one size

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Painless positioning for severely contracted hands Embedded with silver ions to inhibit the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria Provides easier access to hand for daily skin care, helps prevent nail puncture injuries, and controls infection risk Graduated markings on cover document and measure patient’s progress

Knee Pressure Pillow

Knee Pressure Pillow takes excessive pressure off knees when in side-lying for long periods. Hook-and-loop closure keeps separator in place. Removable, machine-wash polyester and cotton cover. Not made with natural rubber latex. 6-1/2" x 5".

Heel-So-Smooth Vented Heel Sleeve

Heel-So-Smooth® Vented Heel Sleeves moisturize and rejuvenate dry, chafed, cracked, fissured, or damaged skin. Soft-stretch fabric easily slides on to cover heel. Inside coating of gel with mineral oil soothes entire heel area. May be used with creams and heel treatments. Vented-style fabric for breathability.

Original Hand Contracture Carrot Kit: Small, Orange

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Painless positioning for severely contracted hands Provides easier access to hand for daily skin care, helps prevent nail puncture injuries, and controls infection risk Graduated markings on cover document and measure patient’s progress Smooth cotton cover with washable, absorbent wool fleece filling keeps hand cool and dry

No-Lift Turner with Handygrips

No patient or resident lifting and less back strain! Provides valuable assistance in turning a resident

EvenUp Shoe Leveler

Adds 1.3cm or 2.1cm to compensate for a shorter limb length when wearing a walking boot, cast or fracture boot Improves uneven gait and balance Eliminates low back pain and hip pain often associated with a walking cast EVENup™ Orthotic Shoe Lift adds 1/2" to 1" lift to compensate for a temporary leg-length discrepancy such as when wearing a walking cast or fracture boot. Easily attaches to shoe of nonaffected limb for improved balance and gait, and reduced body strain. Rubber and hook-and-loop straps hold it in place. Includes adjustable two-layer nonskid rubber outsole. Pro Pack includes five of each size. Fits left or right.

Safety NoSlip Mat, Black, 2' W x 3' L

AliMed® Safety NoSlip Mats are anti-slip whether wet or dry. Ideal for use in high-traffic areas, providing effective protection for carpeting and floors from bad weather. Ultrathin, only 1/8” thick so walkers and wheelchairs can easily roll right over it. Lies flat with rounded corners to help prevent stumbles or trips. Fine rib corrugated surface captures moisture and dirt and provides traction at bedside and in the bathroom, or helps avoid falls in slippery areas. Rubber helps cushion impacts. Not for use in tub or shower. Available in pre-cut, pre-measured Mats, or use Rolls to custom-fit hallways or larger spaces. Black.

Original Carrot Hand Contracture Orthosis Kit, Large, Green

Painless positioning for severely contracted hands Provides easier access to hand for daily skin care, helps prevent nail puncture injuries, and controls infection risk Graduated markings on cover document and measure patient’s progress Smooth cotton cover with washable, absorbent wool fleece filling keeps hand cool and dry

2" Fall Mat w/ TR Contact Alarm

Reduce impact of falls, Alerts staff that a patient needs attention and New TR Contact Alarm.

Freedom Comfort Fabrifoam Wrap Left

Ultra cool, breathable fabric wicks away moisture Early intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome Low profile, ideal for use while working Controllable compression

Freedom Adjustable Footdrop Brace

Support is only given where needed to help users have a more natural foot motion when wearing the brace. While the ankle motion is otherwise unhindered, the brace limits user plantar flexion. The adjustment strap lets users customize the support needed. The brace has an attachment-buckle strap that allows easy transfer of the brace to another shoe. The proper fit of the brace can be made with the hook & loop closure. Within the cuff is a plastic stiffener to help prevent the cuff from migrating.

Freedom Dorsal PF Night Splint

Patients prefer less bulky, cooler, lower profile dorsal models. The Dorsal PF Night Splint features a wide neoprene calf and toe straps along with gel padding on the top of the foot help to reduce pressure points. A larger forefoot accommodates wider feet. The flexible shell and plastic-free bottom offers safer nighttime ambulation without compromising the ability to hold the foot at 90 degrees during rest.

Adjustable Heel Lift, Medium

3 heights in 1 lift – reduce your inventory Simply peel layers to adjust heel lift height from 3/8" to 1/4" to 1/8" Not just for leg length correction — these heel lifts are also great for pelvic obliquity, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis

Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow 12"

Bariatric Anti-Reflux Elevating Bed Wedges suitable for all patients, including bariatrics. Made from a compression resistant special foam these wedges comfortably elevate the upper body to reduce acid reflux and position the patient comfortably. More effective than pillows or rolled towels, they resist slipping and provide secure positioning. Wider size adds to patient comfort. Easily cleaned moisture resistant vinyl cover. They are reusable and wipe clean.

7 Day Pill Box

7-Day Pill Box Convenient tool to help remember daily medication. Plastic lid opens easily with day of the week boldly labeled right on top. Individual compartments securely hold medications for each day of the week. Can also be used for vitamins.

Health Care Communication Boards

Health Care Communication Boards

Undercovered Foam Bed Wedge

AliMed® Uncovered Foam Body Wedge Economical choice for single-patient use. Disposable, low-cost foam wedges can be discarded if soiled. Bed Wedge supports and elevates legs without the hassle of wrestling with pillows. Suspends heels off the bed for effective pressure relief without bottoming out and helps alleviate lower extremity edema and low back pain.

D3 Knee Sleeve with Oval

The D3 Sleeve with Oval features a double oval over knee joint for exceptional protection and stability. The open patella design is included to relieve pressure on the knee cap. A tapered back features for comfort and fit.

Freedom Adjustable Footdrop Brace Replacement Straps, 3-Pack

Promotes a more natural foot motion, with support given only when needed. Brace limits plantar flexion — ankle motion is otherwise unhindered. This freedom of movement helps maintain ankle strength and proprioception.

Palumbo Stabilizer Brace, Beige, Medium

Palumbo Stabilizer Brace, Beige, Medium

ETAC Relieve Angled Table Knife

With weakened hand and arm strength, the knives provide a good working position for the hand. Those who have weakened joints, the knives are ideal for them. With an ergonomically designed handle, the knife makes it easy to cut food.

Plastazote Insoles

Plastazote Insoles

Bariatric Bed Handle

For maximum transfer assistance Handle mounts directly to the bed frame 600-lb. capacity

Rickshaw™ Rehab Exerciser

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Arm and shoulder exerciser for wheelchair users Ideal for in-home or facility use Users can face forward or backward from exerciser Heavy-duty steel construction fits around width of any standard wheelchair

Original Hipshield Hip Protector

Hip protection to help guard against injuries related to lateral falls Ideal for patients at risk for hip fracture Closed-cell foam hip protection pads are sewn into the garment

Swedish AFO, Black

Provides static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability area Injection molding allows for thicker polypropylene Thinner footplate that may be trimmed with a pair of ordinary scissors

EHOB® Foot WAFFLE® Heel Elevator

Two adjustable inflation zones Removable heel flap Pressure-free fully suspended heel Cushion-soft flannel interior Waterproof, wipeable vinyl exterior

Freedom Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles

FREEDOM® Trilaminate Diabetic Insoles are ideal for the insensitive/hypersensitive foot Multiple density foot bed Carefully selected materials ensure insoles retain their shape Generous forefoot shape fits almost any size Heat moldable

Walk & Cut Cordless Can Opener

Ideal for people with weakened hands Can opener is cordless and can be used with just one hand Opens cans of all sizes

Freedom Accommodator Semi-Rigid PRO

These prefabricated orthotics offer the patient relief from heel and arch pain—right out of the box! Recommended for plantar fasciitis, peroneal tendonitis, and pes planus as well as other foot and ankle conditions where support and control are indicated.

DermaSaver Amputee Stump Cover

DermaSaver™ Amputee “Stump” Cover Contoured cup offers protection for amputation site. Stretch fabric helps to keep cover in place.

IQ Duo Alarm Plus, EA.

IQ Duo Alarm Plus, EA. Both a sensor and a magnetic alarm. Simply flip a switch to change from sensor pad or belt device monitoring to magnetic pull cord mode.

IQ Duo Plus Alarm w/ 6 month Bed Sensor Pad

AliMed® IQ Duo Plus Alarm is truly versatile. It is the answer for facilities consistently switching between pull-cord alarms and sensor alarms. This alarm has both options, pull-cord or sensor alarm.

DermaSaver Leg Shin

Won't shift out of place or bunch Totally launderable, even in industrial laundries Breathable for stay cool comfort

DermaSaver™ Blue Donut Heel Elevator

Lifts heel completely off bed Does not offload pressure to Achilles tendon Comfortably contoured

Trigger Finger Solution™

Provides a pad over the A-1 pulley to relieve pressure during daily activities without interfering with hand function. It cushions the fat pad at the base of the finger and may completely reverse the trigger finger, making more aggressive treatments unnecessary. Also assists in identifying the cause of the inflammation, which is often handling of certain objects.

Heelift Glide, Bariatric, Smooth Foam

Heelift® Glide offers an affixed elevation pad to lift the leg to suspend the heel, creating an ideal environment for an ulcer to heal. The durable exterior and a smooth, friction-free tricot backing increases patient mobility and safety, and ventilation holes enhance patient comfort. Smooth interior is best for patients with edematous legs. Machine-washable in a net or mesh laundry bag, and can be autoclaved for sterility.

AliMed Motion Detection Local Alarm

AliMed® Motion Detection Local Alarms Simple and dependable, this motion detection alarm is ideal for restless patients, immediately alerting caregivers when a patient attempts to exit their bed or room. With a 24' activation range, the alarm can be placed at bedside or in a doorway and is triggered when motion is detected by the infrared sensor, sounding for 30 seconds before automatically resetting. The alarm contains an on/off switch and includes chime or alarm sound options. Choose alarm with Wall Mount or Magnetic Bed Rail Clamp.

FREEDOM® Basic Foot Orthosis

Provides a convenient, neutral orthotic base Accepts glued modifications

Functional Foam Arm Elevator

Resists sliding on slick surfaces  Sanitary  Wipes clean

AliMed® Amputee Wheelchair Surface and Universal Seat, Standard, Polyfoam, 18" x 16"

Just right for post-op BK amputees Standard version has a sturdy 1/2" plywood base, is padded with 1" of resilient polyfoam and is covered with black Naugahyde®

Coccyx Cushion with Checkerboard T-Gel™

Coccyx Wheelchair Cushion w/Checkerboard T-Gel™ Topper features a scooped-out area to alleviate pressure on the coccyx, T-Gel to help greatly reduce shear forces, T-Foam™ memory foam to reduce pressure, and a built-in Solid Seat Insert™ to help reduce sling seat sag. An integrated wedge cushion shape helps reduce forward sliding. This wheelchair cushion is an ideal solution for at risk patients! Choice of Black AliTex™ (polyurethane-backed polyester knit) cover or Ocean Blue polyester knit cover with nonslip vinyl bottom. 3-1/2"H front, 2-1/2"H rear

Alarm Transmitter Unit

Attaches to sensor pads or wireless optical bed sensor

Wireless Voice Amplifier

Personal Amplifier Compact personal amplifier with clear, high-quality sound eliminates the need for loud talking or constant repetition. Unlike regular hearing aids that amplify all sound including background noise, the 20dB high frequency boost and the 25dB SPL high volume output on the Personal Amplifier will help you "zero in" on a conversation. You can even be attached to your TV or radio with included clip so you can hear programs clearly. Includes headphones, carrying case, belt clip, plug-mount microphone, TV listening cord, and two AA batteries for up to 100 hours of operation. Not made with natural rubber latex.

QuickDraw RAP Complete Back Brace

Powerful compression for immediate relief SlickTrack tightening system for customized compression Lightweight, non-elastic, comfortable enough to wear against the skin

IQ Sensor Alarm

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Small, lightweight, and easy-to-handle Strong, rugged design ensures long-term use Extended battery life

Corded Pressure Sensor Pads 10" X 15"

Thinner pads than ever before More sensitive without increasing false alarms For chairs and beds

PPT® Molded Insoles

Consist of a PPT molded to a cross-linked polyethylene foam Polyethylene layer exhibits desirable self-molding characteristics Remarkably resilient and extremely resistant to bottoming out

Shoulder Saddle Sling

Supports the subluxed shoulder Permits elbow flexion and extension Wear under clothing

Thermasonic Gel Warmer

Uniformly warms bottles of gel

Walker Hand Splint

Ideal for maintaining wrist alignment Appropriate for mild to moderate tone One size, choose Left or Right

AliMed® Medication Cart, Beige

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Includes cassette, 20 bins, and lockable drawer 5" premium all-swivel casters 12-gauge steel

Wireless Wander Door Alarm

This system is great for home use or notifying caregivers when a resident leaves their room, opens a window or enters an unattended area. Install this alarm system to any door or window. The detector will chime or vibrate the receiver to let you know that the door or window has been opened Wireless Wander Alarm Sends Signal Up To 100 Feet

Schuco-Vac® Aspirating Pump System Filter 3Pk

Hydrophobic filter eliminates head flooding which causes pump damage

HAND WEIGHT: Weighted Pouch

The Hand Weight is a weighted pouch that rests on the back of the hand that is recommended for use during fine motor or self help activities. It can also be beneficial for rehab purposes, reducing tremoring and strengthening activities.

Smart Design Keyboard with Microban

Smart Design Keyboard with Microban 3D-design conforms to natural hand positions, reducing tension in shoulders, arms, and wrists. Programmable software. Built-in Microban® antimicrobial protection provides continuous cleaning action, inhibiting the growth of microbes that can cause stains, odors and infection. Black. 19"W x 2-1/2"H x 9-3/4"D • USB connectivity • Compatible with Windows® PC • Programmable software WARNING: California's Proposition 65

Silipos Active Gel Heel Spur Cushions

Shock-absorbing silicone heel cup with removable plug to allow for pressure distribution around heel spur. Pack of 2.

FREEDOM® Full-Contact Insoles

Full-Contact Insoles feature a deeply cupped, stabilizing heel and moderate longitudinal arch that combine to provide outstanding fit and relief. Resilient and conforming materials protect and accommodate sensitive feet. Available in a case of 6

G-Force Boxer's Fracture Orthosis with MP Flexion

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Positions metacarpal joint in 75° of flexion during immobilization Rigid shell lined with cushioning foam TAA Compliance: Made in USA

Conductive Spray

Use in conjunction with electrode garments

GloboPed® Heel Relief Shoe

Helps eliminate weight bearing on posterior end of foot. Promotes earlier patient mobility. Ideal for forefoot or heel diabetic ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, injuries and post-surgical conditions. Fits right or left foot.

FoldEasy Toilet Safety Frame

The Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame is a free standing toilet frame. It is designed to provide a balance support to patients with limited mobility when sitting down on or getting up from toilet seats. The frame is foldable and has height adjustable legs and is equipped with a footplate for enhanced stability.

DermaSaver™ Stay-Put™ Heel Protector

PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: Won’t shift out of place or bunch Totally launderable, even in industrial laundries Breathable for stay cool comfort