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    Airlife Respiratory Therapy Sterile Water Inhalation Solutions

    Vyaire Medical AirLife Sterile Water is available in a variety of containers and sizes to replenish empty nebulizers, flush feeding sets and clear secretions for tracheostomy care. It is important to use Sterile Water to prevent contamination by introducing bacteria which can lead to infection. The flexible sterile water bag is 2000 mL in a closed system to maintain sterility. The bag is attached to a feeding set to flush or clean feeding set or provide additional hydration. The bag of sterile water is an option to refill the nebulizer for inhalation respiratory therapy. Sterile water can also be added to refilling chambers such as humidifiers. The AirLife Modudose unit dose of sterile water in 3 mL has graduations along the vial to dispense by the drop or as a stream to facilitate tracheal suction systems when clearing mucus in the tracheostomy. The prefilled bottles in 500 or 1000 mL are designed to refill a nebulizer for inhalation. The orange and grey cap offers easy connection and works with AirLife Nebulizer Heater with external slip-on heater to further reduce the risk of contamination by heating aerosol. Heater is sold separately.
    Product #: 22D0737VM
    • Sterile Water in Closed Systems
    • Reduces Risk of Bacterial Contamination
    • Used for Variety of Applications
    • Determined USP to Ensure Sterility