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    5 Gal. Non-Stick Portable Toilet with Cleaning Wand

    The Earthtec is the most efficient and sanitary portable toilet on the market. We have the only portable toilet with nano-technology coating that gives the waste a friction-free trip down into the holding tank. It eliminates messy streaks, odors, and potential sanitation hazards by keeping the bowl amazingly clean. It features a unique "swing out" discharge tube to make emptying the waste tank spill free. We also include our specially designed 2-piece cleaning wand to make sanitizing convenient and easy by attaching to any garden hose. The Earthtec portable toilet is ready for heavy duty use whether you’re camping, boating, or at a remote job site. It is lightweight and portable, yet heavy duty enough to support up to 350 pounds. The Earthtec 2-piece portable toilet has a 2.8 gallon fresh water capacity and a 5 gallon holding tank making it possible to flush up to 50 times. It has a higher storage and flush capacity which also provides for longer use without refilling or running out of flushes.
    Product #: 2307322073HD
    • Exclusive non-stick bowl. Coated with nanotechnology polymer to prevent waste from sticking to surface.
    • 2.8 gallon freshwater tank for up to 50 flushes.
    • Larger 5 gallon airtight holding tank for longer use.
    • Unique rotating "no splash" pour spout makes dumping easy and mess free.
    • Sturdy, yet lightweight, construction will hold up to 350 pounds.
    • Includes 2-piece cleaning wand that attaches to any garden hose for easy sanitation.
    • Effective spray pattern for those difficult to reach areas.
    • Easily attaches to any garden hose.