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    40lb Weight Vest

    Designed to provide a slim, comfortable fit, the Perfect 40 Lb. Weight Vest features a double belly band to ensure security and moves with your body without bouncing or sliding. Fully adjustable and adding anywhere from 1.25 lbs. up to 40 lbs. of additional resistance, the weight vest is ideal for a variety of workouts like explosive movement training and functional fitness exercises. The durable shell and padded shoulders provide extra comfort, and with high visible reflective materials, the vest is road ready. From intensifying your at-home working to adding resistance during fire, police, or military training, the Perfect 40 Lb. Weight Vest will push every limit.
    Product #: 231004IMP
    • Maximum comfort with flat, flexible weights that move with your body; weight is adjustable in 1.25 lb. increments
    • Breathable shell with padded shoulders for enhanced comfort throughout workout
    • Body armor inspired slim fitting design maximizes mobility
    • Road ready with high visibility reflective materials and media player pocket
    • Dual belly band enclosure ensures athletic fit and function
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