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    4-Piece E-Z Read Big Number Measuring Cups

    For Ultimate Accuracy and Portioning
    Product #: 25519860MX
    • Jumbo numbers that are approximately 1/4 tall
    • Includes 4 measuring color-coded cups for easy identification
    • Perfect for precise cooking or baking with either liquid or solid ingredients
    • Dishwasher safe

    The E-Z Read cup set has easy-to-read measurement markings that are excellent for achieving accuracy for a perfectly balanced and proportioned ingredient ratios. The 4 measuring cups are stackable and joined together by a connector ring, which helps minimize kitchen clutter. Dishwasher safe

    Measuring cups sizes include:

    1/4 - 60ml
    1/3 - 80ml
    1/2 - 120ml
    1 cup - 235ml